Wood, Wire and Words are a three piece contemporary folk group playing critically acclaimed original material. Their musical influences come from a wide and varied range of styles and genres and this is reflected in our songwriting and varied repertoire.

The band is David Rozzell - songwriter for the band, guitarist and lead vocalist, Clare Rozzell - harmony and lead vocals and double bass and Pat Francis - instrumentalist, playing Dobro, mandolin, guitar and just about anything else with strings he happens to find at hand. Clare is David’s wife and also Pat's daughter, so the expression "family band" is about right. They formed into a band in 2003/4 after they felt that there was a musical idea and a sound that could be developed into something of their own. Their musical sound comes from this combination of instruments, strong lead vocals and tight harmonies.

Janet Hansen, music marketing specialist with 3 Grammy award-winning campaigns to her credit, said of their 2015 “It's A Barbecue Day” album: “David has a moving, honest expression engendering a true listening experience. One wants and needs to hear the story he's telling. Clare complements him with beautifully rich harmonies as she keeps things grounded on double bass, and Pat adds all the necessary colours on dobro and mandolin.”... “incredible harmonies, expertly crafted songs, and fine acoustic musicianship.”... “When listening to this CD you’re suddenly reminded of all that is real and true in you.”

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